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Has your cutlery spent too long lying around in drawers when a little professional attention from the Cutlery Hospital could restore it to its original beauty?

These days, it is often far more cost effective to renovate these neglected family heirlooms rather than buying new cutlery, not to mention the sentimental value. That’s where Cutlery Hospital can help!

So send us your tired, old cutlery and we will repair, replate and refurbish it. The Cutlery Hospital have a tradition of manufacturing cutlery going right back to 1750, so over the years we have learned a thing or two about cutlery. These time honoured skills have been passed on to our current team of master-craftsmen, who have over 200+ years of experience between them the world.

In fact now, thanks to the personal recommendations of many of our satisfied customers, we are now possibly Europe’s largest cutlery replating & restoration service. But we are striving to ensure it still remains a personal service as we are receiving repairs from countries all around

Recently as it has become clear to us that the mining and refining of the metals used in the manufacture of new cutlery is extremely “energy intensive”. Therefore recycling better quality cutlery is a much more “eco-friendly” option. Add to that the sentimental value of restoring items that belonged to previous generations of your family and that have “a story to tell” – for example we refurbished some old Spanish silver that had escaped their civil war and then survived the Sheffield floods!!

If you want the Cutlery Hospital to quote for some specialist work it is always best if we can actually see and handle the item – but for preliminary quotes you can send us digital photographs of the item (please add measurements). This is especially valid for overseas customers.

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With enquiries please e-mail  & where possible, include at least one photo – thank you.

We look forward to being of service at We’ll give your cutlery some “TLC” (tender loving care) and return it to you fully restored.    Telephone : 0114 272 1949